Oxford Mentors

Oxford Mentors is a community project. It provides support to creative individuals in the UK community.


Entrepreneurs juggle varied life and business situations on their journeys. And this support is for them.


Work with a mentor to clarify a situation you find yourself in, and aim to be empowered to create more.




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Set up a business website

Accept online payments

Design branded materials

We look at business models and work to expand your offer. We cover all from marketing to integrating payment options. Chargebee is recommended.

Work on a 1-to-1 basis with a mentor to design your business website, register a domain and set up the email. We use Zyro with Hosting24 or LCN.com.

We design the brand, including business cards and letterhead. We use Adobe Spark Post to design social media. We look for channels and opportunities.

Each meeting is of up to 45 minutes, and can be extended to up to 3 hours, at the mentor's discretion.


It is a way of giving back to the community. There are 20 places available free of charge each month.


To book a meeting, complete the form below. The mentor will call you to confirm the date and time.

Examples of what we can do together:

Write a brief message about the situation you wish to discuss in the meeting. After you submit the form,


the mentor calls you in the morning or evening to confirm the date and to let you know how to prepare.


The terms that apply for business mentoring are included at the bottom of this page under this form.

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